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Why Football Matters

Last week I wrote a piece asking whether football will ever be the same again. The general premise of it was that even once all of this is over, we’ll still feel cautious about spending time in the same space as other people, fearful ...Read More

A Measured Response To Adrián

My goodness yesterday was frustrating. The Reds were genuinely brilliant, being by far the better team throughout and the only ones intent on scoring a goal. Quite how we lost to a side that absolutely no intention of attempting to score a goal is ...Read More

In Defence Of The Winter Break

Have we all got over the shock of losing yet? Personally I wasn’t overly bothered by our defeat to Watford, apart from the abject nature of the display. The Reds were poor from the off, with no one performing particularly well on the day. ...Read More

What Makes A Team ‘The Best’?

Last night was harder than many people expected. There were plenty of pre-match predictions suggesting that the Reds would win by a few goals, which seemed to be based entirely on West Ham’s league position and ignored the fact that David Moyes has many ...Read More