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As a newly launched blogging site specialising in Liverpool Football Club, we’ve decided it’s only right that we have something of a daily ritual on our Twitter account.

For that reason we’ve come up with different things that we’ll be doing every day of the week on Twitter, and we thought it was only fair that we let you know what they are. So, without further ado, here’s our list of Twitter activities to keep your eye out for every day on our Twitter account, @AndCouldHePlay7.

Match Up Monday #MUM:

The concept here is simple, we’re going to tweet a quote from someone to do with Liverpool Football Club and you simply have to identify who the quote is from.

Re Tweet Tuesdays #RTT:

Here we’ll be asking you some questions about LFC and you merely need to either Re-Tweet the tweet or Favourite it, depending on how you feel. For example, should Liverpool sign Christian Benteke from Aston Villa? Fav for yes, RT for no. It’s a simple concept, so be sure to get involved.

Word Mix Wednesday #WMW:

Do you like to test yourself on your Liverpool knowledge? If so, this one could be for you. We’ll be taking something to do with the club – players, locations, trophies etc. – and making an anagram from the letters. You then tweet us your answer!

 Turn Back Time Thursday #TBTT:

Here’s where your Liverpool history will come in handy. We’ll be tweeting you about a famous or interesting thing that happened on the day, or in the week, from Liverpool’s past. RT it and let other fans know some interesting historical facts about the club you love!

Follow Friday #FF:

A well-established Twitter tradition, we’ll be using Friday’s to let you know which big LFC accounts you should be following if you don’t already. We might chuck in the occasional non-LFC account too, so be sure to follow our recommendations if you love your football.

Sexy Saturday #SxyS:

Liverpool Football Club have had some good-looking players on their books over the years. From a young Alan Hanson through to the underwear modelling Jamie Redknapp via the Spanish contingent of Fernando Morientes and Pepe Reina, the Reds have never been short of a handsome chap. We’ll be using Saturday to send out a pic of some of the best looking lads who have ever worn the Liver Bird on their chest.

Sound Off Sunday #SoS:

On Sundays we’ll be tweeting links to YouTube clips featuring some of the best songs or sounds from Liverpool’s history. You’ll Never Walk Alone is not only Liverpool’s anthem; it’s also the club’s most famous song. There are plenty of great tunes that come cascading down from the Kop. Come to us on a Tuesday and remind yourself of the best the Kop choir has to offer.

If you think we’re missing a trick or that we could do something else on one of the days then don’t be shy in letting us know. We’re all about the interaction and we’re keen to get on board with suggestions from our followers. Get involved!

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